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Jade Elton

Biological approach

1a) Outline two assumptions of the Biological Approach (4 marks)

The first assumption of the biological terms of neurotransmitters; Neurons transmit electrical messages at the
synapse via chemical messengers (neurotransmitters). Abnormal behaviour, therefore, is caused by chemical
imbalances. For example, too much dopamine is linked with…

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Jade Elton

Freeman and Watts modified Moniz's technique by inserting a scalpel into the eye-socket, known as the
trans-orbital lobotomy. 10 000 of these were conducted, 20% on Schizophrenics.

In recent times, neurosurgeons have developed far more precise ways of treating mental disorders that fail to
respond to psychotherapy or…

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Jade Elton

A second strength is that lab studies control the variables, thus ensuring that the IV has produced the change
in the DV (cause and effect established.) Due to controlling variables, Dement and Kleitman were able to
establish that dreaming only occurs in REM sleep.

One weakness is that,…


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