Psychodynamic Suggested Questions

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Psychodynamic Suggested Questions:

  • Outline two assumptions of Freud's approach. In each case, give an example from the approach. (6)
  • Outline the features of a correlational design. (4)
  • Evaluate both cross-sectional and longitudinal studies in terms of both strengths and weaknesses. (8)
  • Explain two similarities and two differences between general case studies and Freud's style of case study. (8)
  • Describe two defence mechanisms. In your answer, use an example for each defence mechanism. (6)
  • Describe what is meant by the Oedipus Complex. (5)
  • Evaluate Freud's theory as an explanation of gender development. (6)
  • Describe and evaluate Freud's explanation of personality. (8)
  • Describe the findings (results and/or conclusions) of the Little Hans study. (5)
  • Outline the aim of two studies within the psychodynamic approach. (4)
  • Evaluate two studies within the psychodynamic approach. In your answer compare the two studies at least once. (8)
  • Describe one key issue that can be explained by concepts and ideas fom the psychodynamic approach.
  • Use concepts, theories, or studies to explain the key issue from the point of view of the psychodynamic approach. (8)
  • In eah of two families, there is a young boy. They are discussing with their families what they want to be…


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