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Jade Elton

Psychodynamic approach

1a) Outline two assumptions of the Psychodynamic approach (4 marks)

One assumption is that unconscious conflicts and traumas can lead to abnormal behaviour. There is
unconscious conflict between the id and superego that the ego tried to balance. If this balance is not
achieved, then abnormal…

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Jade Elton

The process of transformation of latent to manifest content is called Dreamwork (the mind disguising the
dream). This includes condensation; when we combine one or more objects or people into one. For example,
when you dream that you are in your house, but it looked like somewhere else.…

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Jade Elton

A strength of using case studies is that they produce a lot of qualitative data. This detailed method of
research allowed insight into the complex motives underlying Little Hans' phobia, which would have been
impossible with other methods of research.

A second strength is that case studies have…


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