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Psychodynamic Approach.
Q1) Outline two assumptions of the Psychodynamic approach. (4 marks).

One assumption of the psychodynamic approach is that behaviour is influenced by 3 parts of
the mind. The id is the primitive part of the mind and works on a pleasure principle. We are
born with this. The…

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(12 marks).

An assumption of the psychodynamic approach is that there are three part of the mind; the
conscious, pre-conscious and unconscious. Within the conscious part of our mind are accepted
thoughts and feelings. He said the mind is like an iceberg-much of what goes on inside the mind lies…

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Q3b) Evaluate two weaknesses of the Psychodynamic approach. (6 marks).

A weakness of the psychodynamic approach is that it is deterministic which means that
behaviour is controlled or influences by factors beyond our control. In the case of this
approach, if someone is over-stimulated at a particular stage in their…

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a rapport with the client which makes them more open with private information. This
therefore decreases the chances of lying even happening.

Another method used in the psychodynamic approach are clinical interviews. These involve
obtaining information to access the mental health status of a psychiatric patient. The
interviewer observes, questions,…


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