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The Psychodynamic Approach
One assumption of the Psychodynamic Approach is that behaviour can be explained in terms of
tripartite personality (the id, ego and superego). The id is the first to develop and is our unbridled
wants and desires, or the "pleasure principle". The ego develops next and is our…

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One assumption of the Psychodynamic Approach is that we use ego defence mechanisms such as
repression when we have troublesome experiences (often from childhood) to protect the ego from
the battles between the id and superego. Free association aims to uncover these repressed
memories and bring them to a conscious…

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One weakness of the Psychodynamic Approach is that it is not falsifiable and a lot of the theories are
"slippery" in that they can not be proven. For example, Freud suggested that all men have repressed
homosexual tendencies- this can never be proven as it could be said to be…

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The Psychodynamic Approach assumes that an individual's history including childhood experiences
should be looked into in order to fully understand behaviour. The use of case studies such as Little
Hans in order to explain the oedipus complex supports this approach in an idiographic manner.

Case studies hold strengths in that…


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