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'Despite its weaknesses the psychodynamic model is still useful in understanding and
treating psychological disorders.'

Outline the psychodynamic model of abnormality and consider its strengths and

The psychodynamic model, developed by Sigmund Freud is based on the assumption that
psychological abnormality results from unconscious conflict between the elements of…

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Weight ­ body weight is less than 85% of the expected weights for height.

Body image distortion ­ the individual's thinking about his or her body weight is distorted, either by
exaggerating its importance or by minimising the dangers of being underweight.

Amenorrhoea ­ the absence of menstruation for three…

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time to see if the other twin developed anorexia. A clinical interview and standard criteria were used
to diagnose anorexia.

Findings: there was a much higher concordance rate for female MZ twins (56%) compared to the DZ
twins (7%0. Further findings showed that in three cases where the female non-diagnosed…


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