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Overview of Postmodernism = This technological view rejcts traditional ways of explaining society. This means that they reject metanarratives, such as Marxism and Functionalism.

For Lyotard, metanarratives are in decline because of the victory of Capitalism over the predictions of Marxism. Individual pursuit of goods and services has replaced idealism. Rather than rebelling against Capitalism, young people have embraced consumer culture, whereby they define themselves through what they buy. To Postmodernists, it is infact the media who targets teens to spend money on music and fashion.

Postmodernists view on youth was developed in the 1990s and stated that youth culture is becoming increasingly fragmented. This means that identities are becoming broken up due to so much choice and diversity created by globalisation, the integration of national boundaries.

Hetherington (1990) stated that youth styles are becoming too bitty as there is so much diversity. Young people don't want to conform to fixed identities, such as punks and skinheads, as they have individualistic tastes. People…


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