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MARXIST SUB CULTURAL THEORY ­ moved beyond traditional Marxist thinking by attempting to
understand the activities of working class youth, both criminal and non-criminal by interpreting their
actions as responses to the oppression of capitalism. It shares the belief that crime and…

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aftermath of the Second World War, within very different cultural and economic circumstances of the
youth of the 1980's.

Mike Brake (1980) and Dick /Hebdidige (1979)

Mike Brake (1980) and Dick /Hebdidige (1979) argue that different generations of working class
youth develop their youth culture as a means of coping…

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Decline of the extended family. Partly as result of the other two factors the working class
extended family also declined. This had consisted of a network of family members who
provided each other with mutual support. Youth in the1960' had therefore grown up
without the traditional East end community to…

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girls, attention has now been given to women and black by Marxist subculturalists notably by
McRobbie 1978 and Griffin 1985.

Stanley Cohen 1980 criticised this whole school of thought on the grounds that its followers believe
that they have a special insight into decoding the meaning of the styles adopted…


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