Topic 8 | Production, Consumption, Globalisation & Leisure

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Consumption: consuming/spending

Globalisation: the way countries and people of the world interact and integrate (combining), creating a shared identity

Leisure: doing the things you most enjoy

Production: work

Leisure & Class:

Modernist view Parker:

>   Social class influences our choice when it comes to leisure activities. People in the working class occupations choose leisure activities that give them an escape from work.

>   Middle-class people who work in jobs with high levels of intrinsic satisfaction allow activities which associate with work to be part of their leisure time. Eg. playing golf with work people

>   For clerical or semi-skilled workers leisure activities don't associate with work. (Neutrality pattern).

Bourdieu: Leisure activities for upper class often associates with gaining cultural advantages, which allows them to present a superior identity. The middle class are concerned with 'middlebrow culture' (listening to music, reading popular novels), the working-class are more concerned with mass cultural products.

Postmodern view Eval: The boundaries between leisure and class have become blurred. We can all pick and choose how we spend our leisure


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