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Outline and assess postmodernist explanation of age inequality (40 marks)

Age explanations have changed over the years and various sociological theories have different
explanation on age inequality. In this essay I'm going to analyse various explanation on age
inequality by weberians, Marxist, functionalists and postmodernist. Postmodernist are the only

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The postmodernist view also is deterministic which is a positive thing as it does focus on the
individualistic choice, as people choose to look younger in order to protect themselves from
being discriminated against just because of their age and then can access younger clothes or
cosmetic surgery however it…

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Conflict sociologist also believe that functionalist fail to take to account that their views fails to
take to account the negative aspects in society, as conflict sociologist not that there is conflict
and exploitation going on in relationships between age groups, such as the CCCS not that
various of sub…

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does not explain age inequality therefore the Marxist view lacks credibility as it can be applied
to any social group from any age.

In conclusion the postmodernist view is the most reliable explanation to explain age inequalities
as it takes to account the modern world as it takes to account…


Bridie Wild


This is brilliant!!! Do you have any more essays from g674 on any inequalities you could upload or send to me, its brill!!


hannah hiddlestone


this is e best essay that's ever been posted on here!



A fantastic essay which can be useful the revise the topic of age inequality when looking from a postmodernist perspective as well as great for those struggling with structure. Can be easily rearranged for those of you using the PEEC structure too.



wngono could you please send me any model essays for g674 social inequality to [email protected]

It would really help me out my exam is in a couple of weeks.

Thank you

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