PE - 1.1.2 - Influences on your healthy, active lifestyle

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  • People - family, peers, role models
  • Image - fashion, media
  • Cultural - age, disability, gender, race
  • Resources - availability, location, access, time
  • Health and wellbeing - illness, health problems
  • Socio-economic - cost, status


  • influenced by others
  • people tend to choose the same activities as their friends or family
  • parents introduce you to particular sport
  • negative influence from family - they may expect you to take up a sport you don't particularly like just because the rest of the family plays it
  • Role model - someone who is looked up to and admired for what they have achieved personally and/or professionally
  • influence participation and lifestyle choices (e.g. haircut and clothes)
  • they do not have to be players - they are still role models because of their succession


  • sports clothing often worn as a fashion item, regardless of participation
  • e.g. football/rugby shirts, sports shoes, track bottoms, hoodies, baseball hats
  • sports fall in and out of fashion during different times of the year - sporting seasons, weather, media coverage
  • media popularizes sports

Cultural factors:

  • Cultural influences are those that impact on daily life and are often out of a person's control
  • age - age limits, less concern for image, health problems
  • disability - facilities have adapted equipment, special coaching for adapted sport, problems with access (wheelchair ramps)


  • most sports available to both sexes
  • each sex competes seperately for safety reasons
  • public perceptions - girl hesitates to play football as media…


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