New Liberalism: Constitutional Crisis/Elections of 1910

  • Robert Blake: 'Insane decision' to reject budget immediately
  • No government can continue unless budget is approved so it can collect taxes
  • It would cause the House of Lords to control Government Policy
  • Asquith was prepared to battle to reduce power of the Lords
  • It was resolved in 1911: 18 months after Bill rejection

1. General Election held in January 1910 was disappointing

  • Liberals lost over 100 seats
  • Liberals had 275 seats and Conservatives 273
  • Labour had 40 and Irish Nationalists had 82
  • Many of the people who voted for Liberals in 1906 were scared of new radical policies

2. Liberals continued due to Labour and Irish Support

  • Irish support meant constituency crisis mixed with Irish Home Rule
  • Irish…




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