OCR History B As: Liberal Sunset Reforms: The constitutional crisis

What the constitutional crisis was and long term and short term causes for it

also see my 1911 parliment act revision notes and 1909 budget notes

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Liberal Reforms: The Constitutional Crisis
Constitutional Crisis: A political crisis where the issues provoking the crisis relate to the
rules under which the country is governed
It began with the House of Lords rejecting the 1909 Budget and ended when the parliament
act was passed
It resulted in difficult in passing laws as there was a dispute between the House of Commons
and House of Lords
LongTerm reasons
No sudden action by Lords they had been rejecting other bills for some time and
these rejections tended to occur when there was a liberal government
Social and political development commons had gradually been changing
composition. The increase in the number of voters had increased the influence of the
working class. There weas also w/c mps and the newly formed labour party
Changing attitudes of the Liberal partyNew Liberalism
Shortterm reasons
Lords rehecting the finance bill (budget)
Asquith deciding an election would strengthen his position led to 1910 election and
a very narrow victory for the liberals not the landslide like hoped they were now
reliant on the Irish nationalists for support
After the lords accepted the budget the liberals decided the matter would not rest
there and introduced a parliament bill to permenantly reduce the power of the House
of Lords
King Edward VII died and was usceeded by his son George V ­ the king was more
likely to agree to the reform of the lords
Asquith was able to persuade George V to creat enough liberal peers to end the
conservative masjority in the Lords promised to do this if they won there next
general election showing they had the support of the people so the 2nd 1910
election was called and the results were the same
August 1911 the Parliament act was passed (Therefore the crisis was over)


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