How strong was the Liberal Party by 1914?


How strong was the Liberal Party by 1914?

The Threat of Labour: 

  • 40% of working class disenfranchised
  • Liberals didn't appeal to working class as much as Labour 
  • Trade union support for Labour 
  • Reforms introduced by Libs didn't go far enough in working class eyes
  • Osborne judgment not reversed quickly enough by government 
  • Worker's wages rose little 1906-14
  • Labour MP's- 1902=2 and 1910=42
  • LRC successes 
  • Miners switch support from Liberal to Labour 
  • Labour making good municipal progress
  • Liberal MP's- 1906=402 and 1910= 272
  • Keith Laybourn-Liberals found it hard to contain Labour 
  • Local elections more informative of Labour's threat, national situation not representative.

Effects of the Constitutional Crisis: 

  • Considered a victory for the Liberals
  • Establishes the supremacy of the HOC's over the HOL's. 
  • The Lords lose the power to Veto 
  • The governmnet could now bring in more radical reforms



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