Constitutional Crises 1909-1911

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Constitutional Crises 1909-1911

Greatest constitutional crisis of 20th century over the power of the House of Lords

Class between Conservative dominated House of Lords and Liberal dominated Houses of Commons

2 general elections 1910 and Parliament Act 1911

1909-1910 Peoples Budget

1910-1911 Parliament Act

1906 Conservative powerless in Commons but majority in Lords

Could block policies of New Liberals

"Mr Balfour's poodle"

"The Greatest Union Party should still control in power or opposition

House of Lords heredity 

Lords tired to block: Education Bill, Scottish Land Bill, Licensing Bill

Didn't oppose bills dealing with finance and taxation


People's Budget 1909-1910

15 million extra revenue to pay for social services and naval warships

Tax the rich

Increase tax from one shilling to one shilling a two pence

Increased death duties

2 new land taxes

Super taxes

Taxes on luxury goods

Rich didn't want to help the poor

DLG divert w/c support away from Labour

Social reforms

Revenge for blocking earlier bills


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