Constitutional Crisis

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  • Constitutional crisis of 1909-11
    • The 1st constitutional crisi
      • Lloyd georges budget rises anger to the conservatives in the house of Lords, and lords rejected the budget so no choice but to call a general elections in 1910 on the issue
        • 1910- general election based on if Britain should be governed by a majortyin house or commons or in the house of lords (non elected peers)
        • The conservatives argued that there were other ways liberals could find the money indteadof taxes like tariffs
        • Liberals won the general elections even though it was close, depended on Ireland to support them in there vote as they were keen to see the lords weakened so they could get Home Rule
          • Lords had to pass the budget
    • 2nd constitutional crisis
      • Liberals drew up a bill to get rid of the power of veto: the house of lords can't reject from house of commons certified to be true money bills also the could only suspend bills for a period of two years and max years of general election was to be ut from 7 to 5 years
        • The bill was easily passed in the commons but not in the lords-  if  they offered to reform composition in the lords but Liberals were reminded to reduce the constitutional power and could have right to veto unless there was a referendum- conference broke down after this issue
          • Irish pressured to reject the conservatives proposal and the King George V agreed to create new peers to pass the ParliementBill along as the liberals won the general elections
          • The general elections 1910- again liberals won with support from ireland and also the support from the working class - parliemtn bill was passed in house of commons and yet had to go throw the lords- ended up passing it
    • Impact of constitutional crisis
      • Lords could now only delay legislations from HOC
      • Liberals able to move forward there reforms
      • Crisis divided the ConservativesBalfour forced to resign, Andrew Bonar Law took his place
      • Never agin could the HOL over ride the HOC- political power had shifted to the lower house


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