Migration in the EU Case Study: Poland to the UK

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Migration in the UK - Poland to the UK


-  1st April 2004, Poland was one of the ten nations joining the EU

-  Eight of these countries were poor Eastern European countries (known as the A8)

-  Largest single expansion since its creation in 1957

-  EU allows free movement of labour between member countries

-  The UK Government expected an influx of Polish people because of better lifestyle in UK

-  By July 2006, 447,000 people from Eastern Europe had applied to work in UK

- 62% applicants came from Poland

-  The Polish Embassy stated that number of Polish workers in Britain was between 500,000-600,000.

-  Polish are the 3rd largest minority ethnic group in UK

Reasons for Polish Migration to UK:

Push Factors:-

-  Average unemployment in Poland at 18.5% in 2005

-  Youth unemployment around 40%

-  Rural unemployment in some areas over 40%

-  Average income in Poland was $12,500 a year compared to $30,900 in UK

Pull Factors:-

-  Unemployment in UK at 5.1%

-  Establishes Polish communities within the UK

-  High demand for skilled and semi-skilled labour

-  Vacancies in UK for Oct-Dec were 607,900

-  GDP in…


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