Poland to UK Case Study

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  • Migration Case Study: Poland to UK
    • Causes
      • Push Factors from Poland
        • Uneployment was around 19%
        • Average wage was roughly 1/3 of the average EU wage
        • Only 300 houses per 1000 people
      • 10 countries joined the EU in 2004, Poland included
      • Pull factors from UK
        • Unlimited migration was allowed to the UK
        • More work available with higher wages
        • Good exchange rate meant remittance money was more valuble
    • Effects
      • On source country (Poland):
        • Population fell by 0.03% between 2003 and 2007
        • Birth rate fell, as many emmigrants were young
        • Shortage of workers, but unemployment rates fell
        • Economy was boosted by remittance money
          • In 2004, 1/3 of Poland's economy (£4bil) was remittance
      • On host country (UK):
        • Population increased slightly
        • Economy was boosted
        • New culture, shops selling Polish food opened
    • Between 2004 and 2007, more than 500,000 people immigrated to the UK from Poland


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