Migration to the EU

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  • Geography migration case studies
    • Labour migration
      • Cheaper travel and work attracts skilled and unskilled workers
      • Immigration into the EU will rise by 40% over 40 years
      • Spain's immigration population grew by 400% in 10 years
      • Italy is expected to receive 100,000 Romanian immigrants
      • Europe needs immigrants because of falling birth rate and lack of workers
    • Senegal to Italy
      • Young men keen to work in Italy
      • In Senegal most people are subsistence farmers
      • High rates of urban unemployment
      • Money sent home from Italy
        • Improve education and living standards
        • In Beud Forage electricity and water supplies set up
    • Poland to UK
      • 1.5 million Europeans moved to the UK since 2004
      • Polish workers receive on average five times more than they would in Poland
      • Polish workers use health and education costing the government
      • Most pay tax contributing tot he economy
      • 545,000 people are polish passport holders in the UK
    • Refugee movements to the EU
      • 1/3 of immigrants claim to be asylum seekers
      • Germany took 400,000 refugees from 1990s Bosnian war
      • By 2007, 70,000 Iraqis lived in Sweden
      • The Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Belgium and the UK took the rest of the Iraqi immigrants
      • In 2010 22,939 asylum seekers from Afghanistan were seeking refuge


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