Matters of life and death Christianity and Islam

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Matters of Life and Death

Christianity and life after death
Why Christians believe in life after death:
One of the main Christian believes is that Jesus was resurrected after death as it is stated in all four gospels. Clearly, if Jesus rose from the dead then there must be life after death
In Revelation it is taught that at the end of the world, all the dead will be resurrected and brought to God to be judged. All good Christians will go to heaven and everyone else will go to hell
In gospel it states ,'I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.' This mean that there must be life after death to have paradise.
Many Christians also believe that life after death gives their life purpose, as they think that there would be no point in life if it ended at death.

How do Christians beliefs in life after death affect their lives:
Christian know that if they behave badly, they will go to hell, so they will always try to be good.
They will dedicate more of their life to Jesus, for example by praying more or becoming a monk
If Christians are suffering then they will be patient because they know that bad people will go to hell and they will be rewarded for being patient.
Christians will want everyone to go to heaven, so try to convert people so they can go to heaven as well.

Islam and life after death
Why do Muslims believe in life after death:
the Quran teaches about life after death and the Quran is the word word of God so this must be true
Islam also teaches that life is a test after which people will be tested according to their faith and actions. If there is no life after then there couldn't be a heaven and a hell to reward or punish people.
There are six key beliefs which all Muslims are expected to hold, one of these is the akhirah, which is life after death.
Life after death gives Muslims purpose in life as if there was no life after death and if it was infinite nothing then there would be no point in life.

How do Muslims beliefs about life after death affect their lives:
As Muslims know that there are going to be judged, they will try hard to follow all five pillars as they know that's what it takes to be a good Muslim.
They will also follow the shariah as that will guide them in how to lead a good life, like eating halal food.
Muslims will also not remove anything from the body after death, such as lungs as they believe in resurrection.
Finally Muslims know that Islam teaches about the day of judgement and that all bad people will go to hell and good people will go to to heaven, so they will lead the life of a good Muslim.

Non-religious reasons on life after death


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