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There is neither Greek nor Jew...
bond nor free,male nor female for ye are all in Christ Jesus (Christianity)
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Thou shall not...
kill (Christianity)
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If you kill one person...
you kill humanity (Islam)
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All people are equal like...
the teeth of a comb (Islam)
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Fight in the...
name of Allah (Islam)
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Blessed are the...
peacemakers (Christianity)
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Give all you have to...
the poor and you will have treasure in heaven (Christianity)
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I give life...
and take it away (Christianity)
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Guard your...
chastity (Christianity)
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Go out...
into the world (Christianity)
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To have and to hold...
untill death do us part (Christianity)
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Live in this world as...
a traveller (Islam)
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The love of money is...
the root of all evil (Christianity)
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Women should be silent..
in a Church (Christianity)
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Card 2


kill (Christianity)


Thou shall not...

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you kill humanity (Islam)


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Card 4


the teeth of a comb (Islam)


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Card 5


name of Allah (Islam)


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