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Shannon Brown

Matters of life and death

Christian beliefs about life after death

Why Christians believe in life after death:

Jesus rose from the dead. Creeds taught this.
John the Divine teaches in Revelation that at the end of the world the dead will be raised and
brought before God…

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Shannon Brown

Islam teaches that on the Last Day all humans will be gathered before God on a vast plain and
judged by God. Muslims will be judged on how good they lived their lives so Muslim's all try
to live a good Muslim life to go to Heaven.

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Shannon Brown

Catholic and Evangelical Protestants

Life is holy and belongs to God; therefore only God has the right to end a pregnancy.
Life begins at conception and abortion means you are taking a life which is against the 10
If a woman has been raped they believe one…

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Shannon Brown

Disease may have cure.
It's the doctor's job to save lives not to end them.

Many people want euthanasia to be made legal because:

Doctors and relatives should have the right to give such patients a painless death.
Just as doctors can now switch off life support machines…

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Shannon Brown

Some Muslim lawyers have agreed that life support machines can be switched off if doctors
agree the life has ended.

The Media and Life and Death

Some people think that what religions say about matters of life and death should not be
criticised by the media because:



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