Life of the Prophet

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Life of the Prophet:

  • Jahiliyyah- 'days of ignorance' from both monotheism and the divine truth.
  • Social Background- Arabia was a sattering of oases.
  • Makkah was the centre of trade and pilgrimage.
  • Based on tribal and clan systems.
  • Each clan had a coucil of elders.
  • Women had a lower status and girl infanticide was common.
  • Slave trading was also a common practice as slave murders were more frequent.
  • Disputes were settled once people would go around the Ka'ba.
  • Nomads- move place to place depending on the water supplies.
  • Religious- Bedouin Polytheism- majority of the population followed this practice.
  • Christianity- Orthodox- belief in the Trininity.
  • Nestorians- believed that Jesus was the son of God
  • Monophysites- Believed that Jesus only appeared to be man byt was God all along.
  • Judaism- Jews fmade many convert but found it difficult accepting non-jews as the People of God.
  • Hanifs- believed in one God didn't have a set practice.
  • Muhammad's early life- his date of birth was prestigious- as this was the year the Abyssinians attacked Mecca with elephants in revenge for the Meccan attack on Christianity and the takeover of the Yemenite tribe.
  • He was born into the Hashim tribe- lower clan of the Quraysh tribe.
  • His father died before his birth and mother was 2 years later. He was in the care of his grandfather who died two years later.
  • He was then taken care of his uncle, Abu Talib who was the leader of the Hashemite tribe.
  • "Did we not find thee an orphan and shelter thee".
  • Prophethood- He was the only man able to replace the black stone- he was referred to as "al ameen"- trustworthy and "al-sadiq"- truthful.
  • He learnt the teachniques of trading, diplomacy and warfare. He was at the age of 21 and was employed as a trading manager by Khadija.
  • "Even before his prophethood, Muhammad(PBUH) was the judge and referee of the Quraysh at the time of their disputes and crises. He earned tha names of al-Amin(trustworthy) and as'Sadiq(the truthful)".
  • The beginning of Islam- Meccan polytheism was wrong- "There is no God but God"- beginning of tawhid.
  • Muhammad wasn't calling a new religion but reiterating the messages that had been passed down to previous prophets.
  • Arabs will be judged by God and on their religion and way of life- beginning of the belief od Akhirah.
  • Muhammad's ministry in Mecca- "Proclaim what you have been ordered and turn away from the Polytheists".
  • Muhammad made many converts but they were "chiefly weak and poor persons"- Montgomery Watt argues that this not mean what it acturally says, as the converts were young members…


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