hajj the fifth pillar

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5th Pillar of Islam – Hajj

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam, and it is the Muslim pilgrimage to Makkah that takes place during the last month of the year. Every Muslim goes there and worships the Kabaah. It occurs in the month of Dhul Hijjah which is the twelfth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. It is the journey that every sane adult Muslim must undertake at least once in their lives if they can afford it and are physically able.

Muslims believe the Prophet Ismail was instructed to bring his wife, Hajra and their child Ismail to Arabia from Palestine to protect them from the jealousy of Ibrahim's first wife Sarah.

‘Hajj is the Gate of Paradise’. (Hadith)

The conditions Muslims have to fulfil to go on Hajj

Hajj is the only pillar which Muslims do not have to perform. Muslims can only go on Hajj if:

They have sufficient money to leave to care for their dependants whilst they are away from home.

They are physically or mentally fit.

Day 1

On day one the Tawaaf, this is by going around the Kaabah 7 times.

All races, all colours go for worship

Sa’iy – this is when you go up and down the mountains of Safah & Marwah

The Safah and Marwah mountain 

Day 2

2nd day go to mina

If muslims die in Makkah it’ll be for Allah – their sins will be forgiven

Travel to Arafat

Prophet gave his speech

Pray for everyone on the plains of Arafat – forgivness – mount of mercy – where Adam & hawa asked for forgiveness

Day 3

Travel to Muzdalifah…


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