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Notes for those who are following AQA. Unit2 Makkah, How mohamad dealt with the challenges in Mekah and medina

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How Muhammad dealt with the main challenges?
What were the strategies that Prophet had in mind?
Move away from Tribalism
Destroy polytheism and bring back the Tawhid
Emphasise spirituality way of life rather than materialism
Demolish the oppression of women and make their roles equal in Madina
Establish an Islamic state
Treaty of Medina was established
What did it include?
The treaty included various points which were there to emphasize equality in society in order to
make it a peaceful state (unlike Mekkah) .
For example : The Jews of Bani Awf are one community with the believers. The Jews will profess
their religion and the Muslims will profess theirs.
There is no compulsion over religion under an Islamic state.
This means that the Jews can practise their religion freely and are not forced into
believing in Islam since they live under an Islamic state
They are equal citizens in Medina and that they are not oppressed just because they are
Establish peace into society and strengthen their relationship rather than war and feud
The role of a Prophet as a .....Diplomat for Medina
He established the ground rules in Medina called "The Constitution of Media" in 622CE
Clarify that he was the leader of Muhajirun clan/leader of the whole city as a basis of religion
Each clan should have a leader
Blood feud was not to take place unnecessarily
All Muslims should have extra commitment to:
Help people of whatever clan who are in deep debt
All believers aid each other and be reunited in situation ie war
Obey a common moral code
The role of the Prophet as a......Messenger
Continue to reveal the Quran as it responds to new situation he faces
Enforcing laws for the community
For example

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