2 Samuel 7

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  • 2 Samuel 7 (King David)
    • Literature
      • Deutronomist Historian
        • Deutronomic Cycle
          • Israel Sins
          • Yahweh Forgives
            • Israel Repents
              • Yahweh Punishes
                • Israel Sins
    • Land
      • Yahweh travels through time and space in a tent
        • Not fixed to a particular place
      • Doesn't want David to Build him a house (temple)
      • Nostalgia for the 'desert experience'
      • Kings need land!
    • Universal?
      • Yahweh say's David's "line" will be secure forever (in perpetuity)
        • So his descendants are part of the covenant
      • Not very, covenant made with kind on behalf of the nation
    • Unilateral?
      • David can't do anything for Yahweh
    • Nature of God
      • Speaks through Prophet Nathan
      • Powerful
        • "Yahweh Sabaoth"
          • "God of the Armies"
      • "I have led a wanderers life in a tent"
        • Moves through time and space with his people.
    • Conditions
      • No conditions attached
        • David is rewarded with future dynasty for serving Yahweh well
    • Hebrew words
      • "Bayit" = Dynasty or Temple
    • Historicity
      • David was king around 1000bc (probably)


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