The Six Beliefs of Islam

The six beliefs of Islam and six things about each of the beliefs.

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  • The Six Beliefs of Islam
    • Prophets of God
      • Muslims neither worship Muhammad or pray through him.
      • Jesus written more times in the Quran than the Bible
      • Prophet on each stage of heaven and each stage of hell
      • Muhammad was the founder of Islam and referred to as the 'seal of prophets'
      • Muhammad means 'highly praised' in Arabic
    • Scriptures
      • The Quran is miraculous and inimitable.  Nothing similar to it can be produced by human beings.
      • After the Quran, no more scriptures will be revealed by God.  Just as the Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet, the Quran is the last scripture.
      • No divine scripture exists today in the original language it was revealed in, except the Quran.
      • The entire Quran has been memorized by almost every Islamic scholar and hundreds of thousands of ordinary Muslims, generation after generation!
      • Belief in the scriptures revealed by God is the third article of Islamic faith.
      • The Quran is not the only spoken Word of God, but God also spoke to prophets before Prophet Muhammad.
    • The Day of Judgement
      • According to Islam, Jesus never actually died; he was merely taken by God to wait until he was needed for the Al-Qiyamah, the resurrection.
      • The sun will rise from the west. When mankind sees this, teaching says that it will be no good for man to convert if he hasn't converted then.
      • The Mahdi (the rightly guided caliph) will appear before the end of time.
      • he trumpet will be blown twice. The first time it will cause everyone to die. The second time it will cause everyone to be resurrected for the final judgment.
      • he Day of Judgment is a time of momentous upheaval, and calamity and, to many people, it is the time of the end of the world.
      • At the end of time there will be a giant fire that will come forth. It will swallow everything in its path. The fire will drive mankind to its last gathering.
    • The Divine Decree
      • Everything good or bad, all moments of happiness or sorrow, pleasure or pain, come from God.
      • God has recorded everything that will occur until the Day of Judgment in the Preserved Tablet
      • The life spans of all human beings are written
      • whatever God wills to happen happens, and whatever God does not will does not happen.
      • God is the Creator of everything.
      • Whoever refuses this denies God’s perfection, because the opposite of knowledge is either ignorance or forgetfulness.
    • Angels
      • Angels have no gender or faces
      • Submit to God and carry out his demands
      • Satan is not a fallen angel, but a jinn, a creature created parallel to human beings and angels
      • Created by light
      • The greatest Angel is Gabriel
      • They do not eat or drink- completely devoted to God
    • Monotheism (Allah)
      • Allah is the arabic word for God
      • He is loving, merciful and passionate
      • He has 99 known names, but only the camel knows the final one
      • He is the God of all people and all creation
      • He has no gender
      • The Qur'an was authored by Allah and revealed to Muhammad


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