Life of Prophet Muhammad

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  • Life of prophet Muhammad
    • Childhood
      • Prophet Muhammad was born in the year 570CE
      • Muhammad was born in to the Hashimite  clan
      • His father died before he was born and his mother died when he was 6 years old
      • He spent the first 2 years with his foster mother, then his grandfather
      • Then his uncle Abu Talib. He started working as a shepherd then became a business man
    • Cave Hira
      • Also known as Jabal Nur. This was where the 1st revelation happened
      • Surah al Alaqs was revealed to the prophet "recite in thy name of you Lord ,who created man out of clot".
      • When prophet Muhammad was praying angel Jibrail came to him and told him to "read". But the prophet could not and this was when Surah Alaqs was revealed
        • This is known as Layla Tul Qada "the night of power"
      • second revelation was also given to him
    • Main Teachings
      • Belief in one God
      • The public call
      • The status of the Qur`an
      • The concept of God as merciful and forgiving
      • Equality
      • Prayer
    • Important people
      • The first Muslims were Ali ibn Talib, Zaid bin harith Abu Bakr
      • First community of the believer were the young and poor
      • Main oppositions were Abu Jahl, Abu lahab
      • First martyrs is Islam were Yassir and Sumayyah


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