Liberal State-Stability

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Had Liberal governments created a more united nation by 1900?

There were many problems facing the Italian Governments such as:

  • The North was industrial. Engineering centres of Milan, Turin and Genoa. While the South was still agricultural, and mainly poor
  • 1880’s widescale migration to growing towns
  •  Medium sized farms for commercial farming only
  •  Dialects varied from North to South
  •  Majority of population was rural
  •  Majority of population were working in small agricultural farms as labourers.
  •  In the south there was little industry, used to be a “grain basket” but now                       exhausted.
  •  Frequent social unrest in the south, many powerful clans and mafias in the south.

Government efforts to unite Italy:


  • Liberal politicians believed that ordinary people shouldn’t be able to take part in political affairs. Lacked universal suffrage, not that many illeterate people could vote causing rifts.
  • Believed in a parliament but of upper classes and the elite, not the…


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