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Ivan Vyshnegradsky

Born: 1st January 1832 Place of Birth: Vyshny Volochyok
Died: 6th April 1895
Russian Finance Minister/Tsar: 1887-1892/Alexander III
Aims: to improve Russia's finances and build up the gold reserves.

Successes Failures

Grain exports increased by 18% as a percentage of Put pressure on the peasantry to grown large…

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· In 1884 he became a member of the Council of Ministers of Public Instruction and drew up a program for
technical education.
· In 1886 he was appointed member of the State Council.
· In 1887 he was appointed Finance Minister.
Mikhail von Reutern

Born:24th September 1820
Place of…

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He was a German from the Russian Baltic landowning classes.
He became Chair man Of The Council Of Ministers in 1881.


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