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Ivan Vyshnegradsky
Born: 1st January 1832 Place of Birth: Vyshny Volochyok
Died: 6th April 1895
Russian Finance Minister/Tsar: 1887-1892/Alexander III
Aims: to improve Russia's finances and build up the gold reserves.
Successes Failures
Grain exports increased by 18% as a percentage of Put pressure on the peasantry to grown large
total exports (1881-1891) quantities of agricultural produce. Poor harvest
meant that there was a lack of food stores and
hence 1.5-2 million people died. This exposed
government short comings and sparked wide
spread criticism of the Tsarist regime. This
represented the evolution of modern civil society.
The government's attempts at relieving the effects
of the famine were shoddy and slow. Zemstva tried
to make up for inadequacies, there was more
pressure from the safeguard system and land
captains which led to further campaigns by liberal
opposition and the emergence of Russian political
Secured first French loan in 1888.
Raised import duties 33% in 1891. Tariff act Heavy indirect taxation affected peasants most. It
increased duties so Russian iron, industrial limited their purchasing power s they were left with
machinery and raw cotton trades were protected no food reserves.
against outside competition.
Russian budget achieved surplus in 1892.
· He was born into a family of priests.
· He taught maths and mechanics.
· He had invested in multiple joint stock companies and he was a well known entrepreneur.

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In 1884 he became a member of the Council of Ministers of Public Instruction and drew up a program for
technical education.
· In 1886 he was appointed member of the State Council.
· In 1887 he was appointed Finance Minister.
Mikhail von Reutern
Born:24th September 1820
Place of Birth:Porechye
Died:23th August 1890
Russian Finance Minister/Tsar: 1862-1878/Alexander II
Aims: To direct economic change through state money and control, he particularly encouraged the
development of railways.
Successes Failures
State bank set up in 1860.…read more

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He was a German from the Russian Baltic landowning classes.
He became Chair man Of The Council Of Ministers in 1881.…read more


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