Fascist Italy

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How far did the liberals overcome the problems of their political systems?

  • Political system
  • Problems
  • 1) The King = a useless entity
  • House of Savoy produced few high quality Kings
  • Too much power?
  • Old Piedmont laws - gave the King huge powers
  • Statuto Albertino (Statuto)
  • Rule without the government
  • Dismiss the government
  • Issue laws without the government
  • Politicians take advantage of the King
  • Direct appointments - bypass "democracy"
  • "Democracy" ==> autocratic state
  • 2) Politician's - Irrelevant
  • P represented a narrow section of a broad Italian population
  • Because they were mainly wealth, middle class, liberals and careerists
  • Tory electorate
  • Extends Franchise to 7%
  • BUT... Literacy qualification still necessary
  • This limits the South, as that is mainly illiterate
  •  As it is Catholics do not vote
  • As a result of the non…


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