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Italy: The rise of
fascism and the
Collapse of the Lib.
State…read more

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· 1896: The result of Risorgimento- slides 3-8
· 1896-1914: The liberal State- slides 9-23…read more

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Social, Economic, Political and Papacy problems…read more

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Problems after unification...
People felt more loyal
Lack of identity Only (about)
to their family and
amongst the 2.5% of the
their region- rather
newly `Italian' population
than to Italy as a
People spoke Italian.
Problems with Maintenance of
organised crime law, order and People were less
in Sicily, effective inclined to feel united
controlled by the government in due to the violent
mafia. (similar Sicily was way unity had been
groups in other negatively achieved.
southern affected.
High illiteracy rates
in South compared to
North.…read more

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Problems after unification...
Enterprises on
North and South small scale
Low industry
North= (some)
No coal & little iron.
South= Poverty On 0.1 mil tons of
Ridden Lack of steel (1 of the lowest
natural in Europe)
1881: >1Mil s
unemployed and
Working seasonal
jobs…read more

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Problems after unification...
Italy was a Lead by the King who However, a govt.
constitutional could appoint and could only survive if
monarchy dismiss PMs and other it commanded a
govt. members majority of seats in
the lower house of
In 1896, Italy Right to vote was
Parliament dominated
was not dominated by rich
by landowners,
democratic (approx.. 2% of
businessmen and
upper class.
1896 system of Criticised as corrupt
Govts. Were
trasformismo and sustaining
decided more on
formed (in a bid to government stability
ministers and
create an element of at the expense of
MPs than the
stability between real political debate
electorate and
successive on government
political parties
governments) policy.…read more

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