Labour PArty in government 1906-14 As British History OCR

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Title labour party adopted in 1906 - after 1906 general election
29 from LRC, 21 from the minors union and 2 independents agreed to act as single parlimentary party with 52 MPs - miners didn't merge properally until 1908

Influence in parliment
  Labour historians exaggerate importance of the labour party - encouraged/forced liberals do adopt policies that favoured w/c
  Marxist historians say they abandoned principles
  Other historians - party not strong enough to have any decisive influene on decision of liberal government

With the lib-lab pact both parties had ot produce manifestos for 1906 general election
They had to be acceptable for a wide range of voters - so candidate would effectively be supporting both parties
Liberal government already commited to policy of extensive reforms - improving vunerable & disadvantaged groups
Labour had…


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