Health related components of physical fitness

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Fitness is the ability to carry out everyday activities without undue fatigue..

Fitness requirements differ tremendously between athletes and activities..

There are 2 divisions of fitness :

.Health related

.and Skill related.

Health-related components of fitness are largely physiologically based and include aerobic capacity, strength, flexibility, body composition, speed and power..

Skill related components of fitness include, agility, balance, co- ordination and reaction time. Are dependent upon the interaction of the nervous system with the muscular system..

The best measure of aerobic capacity is the maximal oxygen uptake - known as the V 0 2 MAX. This is the maximum volume of oxygen that can be taken in, transported and consumed by the working muscles per minute. It is the best predictor of aerobic capacity and can only increase through training by 10 to 20 per cent since it has 93 per cent genetic component..

appropriate tests of aerobic capacity include direct gas analysis, the multi stage fitness test and the P W C 1 7 0 test..

Aerobic capacity can be improved by following a training programme that includes continuous training, fartlek and aerobic interval training..

Training induces a large number of cardiovascular physiological adaptions including - Cardiac hypertrophy, Increased red blood cell volume and hypertrophy of slow twitch muscle fibres..

There are 3 dimensions of strength:



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