Health and Safety in relation to the use of ICT systems

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  • Mainly caused by sitting with incorrect posture. Slouching. Sitting awkwardly.
  • To help prevent:
    • Use an adjustable chair (in workplaces this is a legal requirement)
    • Always check the adjustment of the chair to make sure it is suitable for your height
    • Use footrest if necessary
    • Sit up straight on the chair with your feet flat on the floor
    • Make sure the screen is lined up and tilted at an appropriate angle


  • Aches and pains in hand, wrists, arms and neck
  • Can be prevented by good workstation design and good working practices
  • To help prevent RSI:
    • Adjust your chair to the correct seating position for you
    • Make sure there is enough space to work comfortably
    • Use a document holder
    • Use an ergonomic keyboard/mouse
    • Use a wrist rest
    • Keep wrists straight when keying in
    • Position the mouse so can be used keeping wrists straight
    • Learn how to type properly


  • Causes blurred vision and headaches. Caused by using the screen for long periods, glare on the screen, dirt on the screen and working without the best lighting conditions.
  • To help prevent:
    • Keep screen clean so easy to see
    • Use appropriate lighting (fluorescent tubes with diffusers) and blinds to avoid glare
    • Take regular breaks to give eyes a rest
    • Have regualr eye tests
    • Ensure not sitting too near the screen - risk of radiation


Comes from:

  • The pace of work
  • Worry about using new technology - older people feel they cannot cope
  • Software that is frustrating to use because it has not been designed properly
  • Losing work, problems with viruses and technical problems

The application of current health and safety regulations

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992

  • Employers have a duty to minimise risks to employees in the workplace.
  • Regulations made it law for employers to take…


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