INFO 1 - Health and Safety of ICT - Topic 1.1

Please comment on it's effectivness at going though the Health and Safety of ICT. Let me know how I can improve in any way possible! This covers ALL content needed for OCR Health and Safety of ICT - INFO 1 Revision. I have included some short fun tasks to make it more exciting!! It also has an essay question and the markscheme to go with it. I have a model answer as well but email me or message me and I'll pass this on aswell. Enjoy!

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Health and Safety of ICT
INFO 1 ­ 1.1
PPT MADE BY: Ibrahim Y
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com…read more

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Connecting the Learning WHAT FACTORS WERE CITED AS
Bank staff "driver to injury"
Keyboard operators at the Midland Bank's factory-style processing centre at Frimley,
Surrey developed severe cases of RSI after their work rate was sharply increased, a
court was told yesterday.
Five former part-time workers who put cheque details into computers are claiming
compensation for upper limb disorders including aches, stiffness and shooting pains in
the arms, fingers, wrists, shoulders and necks.
The five former workers, all women, were required to key in transaction records at an
intensive stroke rate, on inadequately designed equipment, with poor working posture
and negligible training. There was a lack of breaks or variation of tasks and there was
strong pressure on staff to maintain and increase speed. The fastest operators - who
keyed 4 strokes a second with their right hand, while holding cheques in their left -
were awarded gold badges and their names were publicised by the bank.
In 1989, the Midland Bank had to pay £45,000 compensation to an RSI sufferer.
Source - Seumas Milne, Guardian November 25th 1997.…read more

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Describe the provisions of the current health
and safety legislation in relation to the use of
information systems.
Recognise that health and safety guidelines
cover the design and introduction of new
software.…read more

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Sharing New Information
· Working in an environment in a safe and user
friendly way
­ Where a person works
­ How a person works
­ What a person uses to work
· A lot is common sense and standard across all
work, although companies will offer guidelines
and procedures of good practice…read more

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Working Environment
· Look at the room you are in at the moment
and think about the environment and
List some of the good practice which is taking
place to make the environment safe and a
good place to work?
What could be done to improve the
environment?…read more

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ventilation Filter screens
WHAT TO Adjustable
No hanging
CONSIDE chairs
Adequate room Correct
to work Natural temperature
lighting…read more

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Mr A Gibson


An interesting resource which covers the subject fully. There are tasks which students could have a go and and then compare with the one in the resource or other students. Good for encouraging collaborative working.

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