GCSE History- German Woman under Nazi Control

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In Nazi Germany the women were just as important as the men- but for different reasons...

Nazi Germans believed women were "different but equal" and although women had proved their strength in Worl War I Germany Needed MOTHERS:

1933: Nazis believed a woman's place was in the home- having children-as many as possible- and caring for her family. The Nazis were very worried about the decline in birth rate. Families were getting smaller due to the introduction of contraception and because of women wanting paid work. Nazis believed to make Germany great once nmore it needed a larger population.

A massive propaganda campaign was launched to help promote motherhood and larger families. An example of this was the reward system of "The Honour Cross of the German Mother" which was awarded as so:

Gold- 8 Children

Silver- 6 children

Bronze- 4 children

To improve fertility german made contraception…


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