For/Against Animal Testing GCSE Religion Ethics 1

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Animal Testing


  • Medical improvements e.g. helped to develop vaccines, organ transplants and open heart surgery techniques.

  • Antibiotics, HIV drugs, insulin and cancer treatments relay on animal tests. Other testing methods aren’t advanced enough.

  • Human life is greater than animals – The bible values human life as more important than animal life.

  • The animals used are bred for the experiments.

  • Tight regulation to stop unnecessary suffering.

  • Lots of information gained.

  • Better to see the effect on an animal than a human being.

  • More animals die of starvation each year, medical research gives them a more worthy death, and they are fed properly.

  • Few animals feel the pain as they are killed before they have the chance to suffer.


  • Animals response to a drug can be different to a humans.

  • There are




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