Religious Studies AQA GCSE Exam

Basically, this is a complete set of my class notes, all of which I've typed up for my own revision purposes. For the 23rd May Exam.

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R.S Revision Notes
Topic One : Matters of Life.
When does Human Life become Valuable?
-Contraception. / -When Mother first feels embryo move. / -When Foetus is viable. / -Birth.
Christian Views:
Fertility Treatments:
In Vitro Fertilisations (IVF) : When the ovum is fertilised in a test tube, then implanted into womb. This is
expensive and with only a 25% success rate.
Artificial Insemination by Husband (AIH) : Husband's sperm is used to fertilise the ovum in a test tube.
Artificial Insemination by Donor (AID) : Using eggs or sperm from a donor to create an embryo.
Surrogacy : A woman carries a baby for another woman who cannot become pregnant.
Saviour Siblings : People having a baby so that when it is born, it will be able to donate an organ or tissue to
help an older brother or sister.
Christian Attitudes:
Some are for the use of fertility treatments, because they believe they have a responsibility to promote love
(agape). Anything that helps a couple to have a baby enables a loving relationship to begin.
Others are against (including Roman Catholics) because Fertility Treatments are `unnatural' (see information in
box below). Life is sacred and should only be created by God.
Islamic Attitudes:
Islam teaches that nobody can be a child's mother except the woman who carried it. Therefore Muslims may
say that surrogacy is wrong.
Some Muslims object to using Donor Sperm or eggs, as they feel that a baby should be created by a mother
and father who are married.

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Organ Donation:
Transfusion: Blood. Mainly for operations.
The Blood should match the person's Blood
Group, otherwise it could be fatal.
Transplantation: Happens when an organ
has failed and someone needs a replacement.
Xeno Transplant: When it comes from an
animal. E.g. Heart Valve from a Pig.
The following can be transplanted:
Small Bowel
Christian Attitudes:
Sanctity of Life. (Life is Sacred and God Given)
Jesus helped the sick.
Love one another (e.…read more

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I think that Embryology is okay, because it
allows us to help develop our medicine
research and this will inevitably help others.
The embryo itself can't feel any pain at this
Trivial appearances should not be changed
through the use of HGE. As this could be
considered as favouritism or sexism. If the
change is linked to a life threatening disease,
then it should be considered okay.
Reproductive Cloning: Creation of an identical copy of an organism. (Illegal to clone humans).…read more

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Experimenting on Humans/Hybrids:
Human-Animal Hybrid Embryo: An embryo made from Human DNA and animal eggs for medical purposes.
Human Experimentation: Testing products (usually medicines) on paid human volunteers.
Stages for Drug Testing:
1. Lab Testing ­ Tissue samples are tested In Vitro and by Computer Stimulation.
2. Drug ­ Tested for toxicity on Animals (usually rodents)
3. Cleared for testing on Humans by Medicines and Health care products regulatory agency and other ethical
4. Human Testing ­ Safety and side effects on healthy volunteers.…read more

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Christian Views on Euthanasia:
Attitudes are diverse, but most do not agree with it.
"Do not commit murder" is the sixth commandment and Euthanasia is seen as a type of suicide.
"God has fixed how long people are to live" ­ Acts 17:26.
Roman Catholic Church see it as a failure of the systems available and suicide, which is a sin.
Those who do agree with it:
People should be allowed to decide when they want to die.…read more

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What do the Elderly Contribute to Society?
Skills that are less common today. (Carpentry, Mechanical skills, Trade Skills without the use of computers)
Care givers to Grandchildren (Babysitting when living in close proximity).
Financial support to family (During recession's)
Volunteering for Community or Social projects (Charities, Primary Schools, Community Centres)
What Problems might the Elderly Face?
Financial Problems. (Pensions aren't much,
and with increasing costs they can't afford
basic needs)
Health Problems (Physical or Mental.
Expensive Care Homes. Expensive
Loss of Family or Friends.…read more

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Topic Three : Drug Abuse
Doping (Performance Enhancing Drugs):
Some athletes use performance enhancing drugs such as
Anabolic Steroids (a Class C drug), this can be
considered a form of cheating and when taken, there is
no sense of accomplishment if you achieve something. It
tends to be unfair for other competitors and both Mike
Powell and Kelly Holmes agree with the fact that you
can become motivated to win without the use of such
drugs.…read more

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They were tricked into taking them.
They help with a crisis in their life.
They mix with people who take/deal drugs.
Example of how a drug might affect the users mind: would
be depression, confusion and restlessness (Crack Cocaine)
Example of how a drug might affect the body would be
liver conditions and accidents that could happen under the
influence (LSD).
Some Christian, such as Methodists and the Salvation Army, chose not to drink alcohol because the effects can be
harmful.…read more

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Christian Attitudes towards Punishment:
In the Old Testament, God is presented as a God of Justice, who gave his people a series of Laws and
Commandments that they are expected to follow.
If the Old Testament refers to `an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth', some might say that scripture
highlights the importance of retribution.…read more

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Muslim Attitude towards the Death Penalty:
For only two crimes can the death penalty be used as punishment, which is murder and blasphemy. They believe in
the Sanctity of Life, where life is valuable. This is the reason for them being mostly against the death penalty.
Christian Attitude towards the Death Penalty:
The Lord's Prayer recognises that everyone sins and needs forgiveness.
`Love your neighbour' ­ Love should be shown to everyone (agape)
Ten Commandments (two interpretations. For = Laws are there for a reason.…read more


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