Family Life & Parenting Revision - (GCSE) Religious Studies A Unit 4

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Family Life and Parenting

Home is a Holy Place because...

  • get taught Christian values
  • Home becomes an extension of the Church
  • God is present there as love
  • relationships within the family reflect God's relationship with us
  • God's presence graces all creation

What does the Roman Catholic Church teach about family life?

  • Christians believe that the family was God's creation and marriage is at its heart
  • the purpose of a Christian marriage is having children and bringing them up in a Christian family

What do Catholic Bishops say about the importance of family?

  • the Church values family love for the sake of the human person, the family unit and for society
  • the Church itself depends on families for generating and modelling the kind of love that christian values and life brings

What are the responsibilities of being a Roman Catholic parent?

  • Catholics are taught that being a parent is a very serious responsibility
  • gift from God
  • have to provide children with a suitable home and be good examples

A parent is responsible for...

  • shelter
  • providing food
  • love
  • baptising their children
  • sending their children to a Catholic school
  • helping their children make their 1st Holy Communion

Children are responsible for...

  • "respect your father and mother"
  • obeying their parents

Church teaching on parenthood

Ephesians 6:1-4

that children should obey their parents and follow their teachings and they will have a happy, loving life. Fathers shouldn't exasperate their children, but instead bring them up in training and correction of the Lord

Catechism 2222.2373

parents must treat their children as human beings and not just property. They are a gift from God and not something owned to one. The 'supreme gift of marriage' is a human person.

Catechism 1657

Christian children first learn when they are at home, it is the place where they first learn the values of their life as Christians.


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