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Christian marriage

Christians regard marriage as a gift from God.

Some reasons for them to marry is to be able to live together in love, have lawful sex, have comfort and companionship, have children and create a christian family.

At the wedding they exchange vows before God and witness, exchange rings blessed by God, prayers, bible readings on marriage, sermon or talk on the duties of marriage & communiion to unite the couple with christ and each other.

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Muslim marriage

Muslims are expected to marry because the prophet Muhammad was married.

some reasons muslims (islam) marry is to follow the example of Muhammad, to share a life of love, to have children and bring them up as good muslims and to have legal sex.

At the wedding a statement in frount of witnesses that both parties freely agree to marry, signing the marriage contract which includes all financial arrangements, sermon, prayersand readings from the Qur'an by an Iman & a wedding feast.

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Anglican Christening

Infant baptism takes place a few months after birth in church and around a font.

Parents and godparents present the child for baptism who then promise to ensure that the child is brought up the christian way then a bible passage may be read

Parents & godparents confirm their beliefs and the priest takes the child in his arms and names it, pronouncing the baptism in the name of the father, son and the holy sprit. During this the babys head will be sprinkled 3 times with water from the font which is a symbol of cleansing and rebirth.

The sign of the cross will then be made on the baby's forehead.

A candle may be lit and diven to the parents symbolic of the child moving from darkness to light.

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Roman Catholic Christening

Most of the points of the Anglican ceremony but with the following.

A baptism is preferred to be conducted during a Eucharist celebration and often takes place soon after birth.

the child once baptised will be anointed with chrism (holy oil) symbolic of being a member of christ's body the church and sharing in the life of God.

A white garment may be put on the child after baptism symbolising the child being clothed in christ.A candle will be lit from the paschal candle and given to one of the parents with the words recieve the light of christ symbolising that the child has the guidence of christ to believe and practice the christian faith.

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Baptists/Christian Brethren/Salvation Army etc chr

Baptists, Christian Brethren and the salvation army ets do not believe it right to baptise children too young to know the significance of what is happening, instead they have a dedication service for babies instead.

A dedication service is to offer thanks to God for the birth of the child.

The parents promise to bring up the child in the christian faith.

the congregation accept their responsiblity to assist in the childs religious upbringing.

The child is blessed and may be given a while bible and/or certificate. There is usually a bible reading about Jesus blessing the children.

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Islam Christning

Babies are seen as a gift from Allah so are welcomed into the ummah soon after birth.

The father whispers the adhan in the childs right ear as soon as possible after birth. 7 days after birth the aqiqah ceremony may take place where the childs head will be shanved and the name announced.

Sometimes gold or silver to the weight of the shaved hair will be given to the poor. Animals may be sacrificed (2 for a boy, 1 for a girl) and some of the meat given to the poor also. On the 8th day after birth circumcision may be preformed

Bismillah is also preformed when the child is 4 yrs, 4 months and 4 days old. This commemorates the first occasion of the angel Gabriel appeared to Muhammad. It marks the begining of the religious eductaion of the child who will begin to attend the madressa (school) at the mosque.

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Christian divorce

Some Roman Catholics believe that there can be no divorce and Jesus banned it.

Also when you marry you make a covenant with God which cannot be broken without Gods consent so would be breaking Gods law.

They believe that God is always prepared to forgive sins if people are determined to live a new life.

In St Matthews gospal Jesus allows divorce for adultery.

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Islam divorce

Divorce is allowed in Islam because marriage is a contract.

However there are few divorces because Islam thinks divorce is a bad thing as it breaks up the family which is very important to them.

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Christian festivals - Christmas

Celebrates the birth of Jesus

They believe Jesus was the son of God

Most churches hold carol services in the 2 weeks before christmas.

There is a special christmas day service at churches to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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christian festivals - easter

40 days before easter they celebrate lent. They remember the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert fasting and praying and being tempted by the devil.

Lent ends with a week known as holy week

Most churches will have a special service on good friday to remember the death of Jesus.

All churches will have a specila easter day service

Christians see easter as the most important festival of their calender as they believe Jesus died for the sins of all people and enabled all people to have eternal life.

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