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Religious studies revision
Unit one: Body and Spirit
Soul: The spiritual part of beings, usually believed to survive after death

Spiritual: Things connected people's religious beliefs, thoughts and feelings

Clone: A copy of something or something else

Euthanasia: Good death, death of one's life who is suffering from disease. Assisted…

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Life is regarded as sacred and people are forbidden to kill themselves. Allah understands the suffering that
some people go through, but only he has the right to decide when believers die.

Judaism - As God created life, only he is permitted to decide when a person should die -…

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The Muslim view: The Qur'an teaches us that Allah created the world in a number of stages. All things were
made from water and all things are under his command. He created people to serve him and to follow the
right path.

The Sikh view: They believe that there was…

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The four Noble truths

1. Dukka (suffering) is part of everyday life
The term Dukka refers to physical pain and distress caused by sickness, old age and death. It also
refers to the unhappiness a person can experience when life is bad.
2. Dukka or suffering is caused by craving,…

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The tremendous response to this disaster shows me that there is good in the world and
where there is good, there is God. The response that people have shown has made my
belief in God even more certain.
It's hard to think why God has allowed this to happen, so…


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