**Religious Studies GCSE 4 Units Covered** Revision Notes

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Religious studies revision
Unit one: Body and Spirit
Soul: The spiritual part of beings, usually believed to survive after death
Spiritual: Things connected people's religious beliefs, thoughts and feelings
Clone: A copy of something or something else
Euthanasia: Good death, death of one's life who is suffering from disease. Assisted death
Hijab: A veil that Muslim women wear which shows modesty outside the home
Dignity: Self-respect and worth
Why Muslim women wear the veil?
Muslim woman observe Hijab because it is required in the Quran. The Quran has some advice for both men
and women. Both should lower their gaze when looking at the opposite sex and be modest.
A woman should not attract attention to herself and anyway and it is Haraam (unlawful) for a man to look
twice at a woman he doesn't know, as this encourages lustful thoughts.
Clothing must cover the entire female body ­ only hands and face may remain visible, however some
Muslim women also cover their face with a veil (Niqab). Material must not be so thin that one can see
through it. It should hang loose so that it does not emphasise the shape of the body. There should not be
any bold designs that attract attention.
Euthanasia and what different religion thing about euthanasia
What is euthanasia?
`Euthanasia' comes from the Greek words meaning 'Good death'. There are different types of euthanasia:
Active euthanasia - It is when a doctor gives a decent sum drugs knowing it will shorten a
patient's lifespan, for example an overdose of a painkiller.
Passive euthanasia - It is when the doctor stops treatment, for example by turning off a
life-support machine.
Euthanasia and also being voluntary when someone asks someone else to help them die.
Or it can be involuntary when the person is too ill to make a decision. In this case, relatives or a doctor
would make the decision.
Presently, euthanasia is illegal in the UK
What do religions say about euthanasia?
The teaching of Islam - Is opposed to euthanasia. Life has been given by Allah and everything that
happens is the will of Allah.

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Life is regarded as sacred and people are forbidden to kill themselves. Allah understands the suffering that
some people go through, but only he has the right to decide when believers die.
Judaism - As God created life, only he is permitted to decide when a person should die - there is a time to
be born and a time to die. However, some rabbis that Jewish tradition would allow easing a patients
suffering and this might include withdrawal life support systems.…read more

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The Muslim view: The Qur'an teaches us that Allah created the world in a number of stages. All things were
made from water and all things are under his command. He created people to serve him and to follow the
right path.
The Sikh view: They believe that there was darkness first and that when God decided he created the world,
today you watching over us.…read more

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The four Noble truths
1. Dukka (suffering) is part of everyday life
The term Dukka refers to physical pain and distress caused by sickness, old age and death. It also
refers to the unhappiness a person can experience when life is bad.
2. Dukka or suffering is caused by craving, greed and desire
Suffering is caused by people trying to cling onto what they like in life and trying to stop things
from changing
3.…read more

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The tremendous response to this disaster shows me that there is good in the world and
where there is good, there is God. The response that people have shown has made my
belief in God even more certain.
It's hard to think why God has allowed this to happen, so I can no longer believe in a God that
would allow a natural disaster to happen, that has such dreadful consequences.…read more


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