Explain how and why relations between the USA and the USSR changed between 1968 and 1985?

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In 1968 the USA continued to recognise Eastern Europe as within the

sphere of in

fluence of the USSR. Dubcek, the new communist leader of

Czechoslovakia wanted increased political freedom and economic growth

while keeping communist control. This reform was called “Socialism

with a human face”. In 1968 Brezhnev, the Russian leader, ordered a

Warsaw Pact invasion to remove Dubcek and end his reforms. The USA

did nothing to help the Czechs as it did not want direct confrontation

with the USSR

• President Nixon was trying to promote Détente, a thaw in the Cold War.

Between 1968 and 1979 there was an improvement in superpower

relations. A number of issues were responsible for promoting Détente.

• President Nixon began to improve USA relations with China – Ping Pong

Diplomacy – in an attempt to


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