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Cold war

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Cold war
Topic 4: The Origins of the Cold War 1945­1960

Key issue: Why did the USA and USSR become rivals in the years 1945­1949?

·Ideological differences and their effects

·The Yalta and Potsdam Conferences

·The dropping of the atom bomb and its effects: Hiroshima and Nagasaki

·The Iron Curtain:…

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Topic 5: Crises of the Cold War and Détente 1960­1980

Key issue: How close to war was the world in the 1960s?

·The U2 Crisis 1960: the purpose of U2; the responses of the USA and the USSR to the crisis; the
effect on the Paris Summit and the peace…

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Topic 6: The Collapse of Communism and the Post Cold War World 1980­2000

Key issue: Why did communism collapse in Central and Eastern Europe?

·Reagan and the renewal of the Cold War: attitudes to Communism; development of new
weapons; SDI

·Solidarity in Poland: conditions in Poland; Lech Walesa; aims and…

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What is a democracy?

Democracy is a political system in which people can choose who runs the country from a
group of political parties.
People living in a democracy expect to have freedom of religious speech and so on
Capitalism is an economic system in which own land, factories, businesses…

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Yalta (Feb 1945)

In February 1945 it was clear that the end of the cold war was only months away and the leaders
of the allied powers met at Yalta.

President Roosevelt from the USA, Stalin from the USSR and Churchill from Britain
attended this summit meeting.
They met to…

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On the 16th July Truman was told that the Americans had successfully tested the atom bombs
Stalin wasn't told immediately and it was obvious the USA didn't want to tell him anything. Stalin
got more suspicious.

What decisions regarding reparations was made at Potsdam?

On reparations, it was decided that…

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Things they disagreed on:

Germany: Stalin wanted to cripple Germany to protect the USSR, Truman wanted
it to recover. Stalin was suspicious over why they wanted to protect Germany
Reparations as Stalin wanted huge compensations from Germany but Truman
did'nt want to repeat the mistakes of the first world war…

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Actions by the USA ­ Truman didn't share any information about the bomb with USSR

Misunderstanding ­ Truman thinks Stalin wants to spread communism but he just wants to create
a buffer zone

Political differences ­ Truman hated the idea of communism and Stalin hated democracy

Iron Curtain

It is…


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