History - how to answer the questions

This is how to answer the questions for your exam. It is mainly based on the cold war, with example answers and questions! Have fun!

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GCSE Edexcel History ­ Cold War
How to Answer Questions and Examples
How do I answer the questions?
Okay, if you have still never done or seen a practice paper
for your history exam, then can I just say, get off your bum
and look! You should all know the first exam you have (for
me it's cold war, so I'm starting off with that) but the way
you answer the questions is pretty much the same. So,
let's start with the question format.
The exam covers three topics: (section 4, 5, and 6)
Each topic will include three questions (2, 6 and 12 marks)
Question 1 (2 marks)
There is no option for this; you just have to do the question they give you.
You must "describe" something, in other words, make a statement, and support it with your
Question 2a/b (6 marks)
You will have two options, answer one of them.
You will be asked to "Explain key features", in other words, PEE three features. (Identify and
explain three features)
Question 3 (12 marks)
There is no option for this... again!
This will ask you to explain changes between two dates
Look at the dates in the question
Explain three features in detail, choosing from the beginning, middle and end of the
A small conclusion detailing which is the most important, or which caused the most
effect and why
You will get a set of all three questions for each topic.

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Example Questions
I can hear you all screaming at me now "Izzy, I want to see an example of a
question, and an A* response!" Well, one thing at a time, here is an actual
exam paper (not in the exact format obviously, you won't expect it done on
word... and once again, this is for the cold war, if you want something else, go
back on getrevising.…read more

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Example Answers
Okay, here are some A* answers, just so you can see if you're on the right
lines! I've only done one for each mark (2, 6 and 12 marks), if you need more,
A. Describe how relationships were affected by the space race (2)
In 1957, the USSR created the first ever space station known as sputnik. This worried the USA
because they had not yet discovered how to launch rockets far enough out of the atmosphere.…read more

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This ended in 1949 with the routes being re-opened to Berlin, and Stalin feeling
mollified. This led to a further breakdown in relations.
Moreover, in 1949 the USSR created something called Comecon. It co-ordinated trade links so the
satellite states could only trade with each other and Russia, attempting to boost their economies by
keeping business within themselves. This increased Russia's control over her satellite states as she
was now able to control their trade too.…read more


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