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Section 4 ­ How did the Cold War develop?
Describe one decision made by the Allies about the war against Germany at the Tehran
Conference in 1943 (2 marks)

The allies agreed that in the aftermath of the war, the USSR could have a soviet sphere of influence amongst the…

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Another key feature was that USA and GBR agreed that Stalin could have a soviet sphere of influence over Eastern
Europe as he already claimed numerous territories amongst Eastern Europe. The western superpowers wanted Stalin
to keep his communism expansion contained to only Eastern Europe and not Western Europe.


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USA and thus the Red Army easily overthrew the Hungarians. 30,000 Hungarians died and Nagy was executed. A
communist government was re-established in Hungary and people lost hope in the USA.

Briefly explain the key features of the Berlin Blockade in the years 1958-49 (6 marks)

One key feature of…

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A further decision was that the Nazi party would be banned from Germany. The superpowers would establish their
own governments in their won sectors. Any surviving Nazi criminals/supporters would be put on trial and punished.

Briefly explain the key features of the NATO in 1949 (6 marks)

One key feature…

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supplying and distributing $17 billion dollars to any countries under threat of communism. This was known as dollar

A further key reason was the civil war in Greece. GBR intervened to help the Monarchists fight the Communists.
However, when expenses increased GBR withdrew their troops. The USA stepped in…

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A further reason was because the USA was committed to the economic recovery of Western Europe. They believed
that poverty and hardship was the breeding ground for communism. They came up with the Marshall Plan in 1947 ­
this was an economic recovery plan which would spend $17 billion to…

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One reason was because of the Arms Race. Both superpowers were competing against each other to build up the
best military defence. The USA had introduced the first atomic bomb in 1945 and by 1949 the USSR had its own
atomic bomb. This seemed to make both superpowers more eager…

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Describe one decision made about the testing of weapon following the signing of the Partial
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1963 (2 marks)

The superpowers could only limit their nuclear testing to underground. They were not allowed to test nuclear
weapons in outer space. This limited the development of nuclear…

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the West was a continual reminder to East Berliners of their low standard of living. The wall would prevent all these
things from occurring.

A further key feature was that Kennedy provoked the USSR by pulling more troops into West Berlin. The soviet tanks
did not allow any crossings into…

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A further key feature was that the USA won a propaganda victory over the USSR. To the rest of the world it looked
like the USSR had to build a wall to stop its people from leaving East Berlin. This way West Berlin remained a symbol
of freedom.

Describe the…



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