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  • This problem is highlighted by 4 different attributes of God:
  • 1) The eternal God- God has no beginning or ending and exists outside  of time.
  • 2) The everlasting God- God lasts forever- never dies.
  • 3) The transcendent God- God exists above in an independent form.
  • 4) The immanent God- Permanently pervading and sustaining the universe.
  • 2 key Christian beliefs are that God created the universe and acts within it.
  • However there is a seeming contradiction beteween these 2 beliefs as if God is creator he is both transcendent and eternal and if he created the universe he must be separate from it beyond space and time.
  • But the belief that God is also an personal God who cares for the world and acts within it i.e. answering prayers and through miracles etc. makes God everlasting and immanent.
  • How do religions portray God as immanent?
  • Traditional Judaeo-Christian belief states that God made the universe ex nihilo (out of nothing).
  • If God is creator of space and time in this way it makes sense to think of him as transcendent (outside the physical universe) and eternal (outside time).
  • But if God is like this how does he intervene in  the world?
  • He cannot, this would make answers to prayer, miracles etc. an impossibility.


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