Exam Revision

  • An eternal God is a god that is outside of and separate to both time and space.
  • God experiences no separation of past, present and future  as humans do but instead experiences everything in a constant present.
  • The idea of God as eternal is important for us to understand God being omniscient because  as God is beyond time he is able to KNOW everything that will happen in the past, present and future.
  •  This also relates to God being immutable (unchanging) because God cannot gain knowlege because He already knows everything and gaining knowledge would mean a change within God.
  • Some philosophers argue that this creates  an incompatibility between omniscience, immutability and eternity.
  • Norman Kretzmann argues for the incompatibility of God's omniscience and immutability based on the supposed inability of God to know what time iti is:
  • 1) A perfect being is immutable (subject to change).
  • 2) A perfect being is omniscient (all knowing).
  • 3) A being that is omniscient always knows the time.
  • 4) A being that knows the time is immutable.
  • 5) Therefore,


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