Evidence for a Thaw? Part 1

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  • in 1945, Austria had been dealth with by arrangements similar to Germany and Berlin; divided into zones of occupation
  • it was likely to become a permanent arrangement
  • negotiations in the long term future of Austria stopped as common ground was difficult to find
  • the USSR used their zone as economic benefit for themselves
  • the US brought in Marshall Aid and rearmed the Western zone secretly
  • by 1955, Khrushchev was in a position to override the harsher approach of Molotov and decided Austrian neutrality was better than permanent division
  • he hoped Soviet concessions would convince the West that the USSR was serious about negotiating matters
  • the Austrian State Treay of 1955 was the results
  • under the Treaty, both US and USSR would withdraw its troops from Austria in return for agreeing its neutrality
  • Khrushchev regarded the Treaty as a more mature approach


  •  the USSR had an interest in Finland, its neighbour and enemy during the Second Wolrd War
  • under the Finish-Soviet Peace Treaty, signed Paris 1947, the terms of the armistice…


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