english terms

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Register/style: the genre of a text affects the register which it is written. different texts require different levels of formality within the language. these different choices of language is called register.

Syntax: the type and structure of a sentance.

Figurative language/imagery: creates an imaginative picture, that is not supposed to be taken literally. Literal language/imagery:  direct description that is realistic picture and may have a symbolic value.

Dynamic verb: verbs used to describe physical imagery, 
Stative Verbs: verbs that describe thought processes and states of being.

asyndetic list: a list where there is no conjuction such as; ''and'' or ''but''

High frequency word/Low frequency words: high - words that are used very frequently and are familar with the audience. Low - words that are not.

Paradox: an idea that seems to contradict itself. e.g ignorance…


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